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Archival Study of Ulstrup Manor’s History


Ulstrup. Photo: Hans Henrik Tholstrup

In 2016-17 Kristine Dyrmann, PhD student, MA, and Dorte Kook Lyngholm, MA, PhD, performed a building-based archival study of Ulstrup manor in collaboration with the Ulstrup Foundation. The project was supported by Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen, The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces.


The report contains about 300 pages of transcribed source material and a summary of the study’s conclusions. The study provides detailed information on a comprehensive rebuilding of Ulstrup manor in the 1750s, a thorough modernisation of the South wing in the 1760s, and on the instalment of new interiors in the 1780s. The report makes both the source material and the history of the building available for further work on the refurbishment of the manor.

Academic Assistant
Kristine Dyrmann

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MA (History and French), PhD Student (History)