Mikkel Venborg Pedersen

DPhil, Curator and Senior Researcher, the National Museum of Denmark, Danish Modern History.

His research projects have covered subjects such as cultural landscapes, elite groups (including the nobility and manor houses) and the theory and methodology of cultural history. His writings include: ‘Ejdersted. Skitser fra et landskab 1650-1850’ [English: Eiderstedt. Sketches from a Landscape], ‘Hertuger. At synes og at være i Augustenborg 1700-1850’ [English: Dukes. Opinion and Presence  in Augustenborg 1700-1850] and ‘I søvnens Favn. Om søvn og sovevaner på landet 1600-1850’ [English: In Sleep’s Embrace. Sleep and Sleeping Habits in the Countryside 1600-1850].

Co-editor of the work, Herregården. Menneske — Samfund — Landskab — Bygninger [English: The Manor House. People — Society — Landscape — Buildings], published by the National Museum of Denmark, 2004-2006. 2014 saw the publication of his book, Luksus. Forbrug og kolonier i Danmark i det 18. århundrede [English: Luxury. Consumption and Colonies in Denmark in in the 18th Century] (Museum Tusculanum Press).